How to watch Livestreams

  • Find the live stream you want to watch

    Browse the website to locate the live stream that you want to watch. Livestreams can be found on the homepage, or through the Browse Livestreams menu item.

  • Add games to your cart or purchase a package

    Once you have found games you'd like to purcahse access for, you can add them to your cart. Feel free to add as many games as you'd like, or purcahse a package of games.

  • Purchase game access using your credit card

    Once you have created a cart click checkout. You will need to create a new account or login to your account. Once logged in, select your payment method to proceed.

  • Access streams and cheer on your team!

    Once a stream is purchased it will appear in your MY PURCHASED STREAMS tab in the menu. Click a game to watch once its live and get your popcorn ready!

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